The 27th Ukraine International Travel Market - UITM'2021
5-6 October 2021 • Ukraine, Kyiv, IEC, pavilion 4

Small communities’ heritage day



Specialized programme at the travel exhibition UITM’2019, 03.10.2019

 conference hall 19, pavilion 4, 15, Brovarsky Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine


The purpose of Heritage Day is

to present and discuss practices, approaches, decisions and opportunities for joint efforts of civil society organizations with small communities of Ukraine in the careful conservation and smart use of heritage resources

CSO, representatives of Ukrainian communities, tourism businesses, green estates, tourism experts, media representatives
Event moderators:
Lada Malanii (Ivano-Frankivsk Tourist Association), Sergiy Podmogilnyy (Green Ways of Ukraine, network)


  • Successful stories from community activists (CSO) of captivating locals to heritage revitalization work
«Tartakov's precedent». Anna Gavryliv, HeritageUA PO; Yuri Voronetsky, SOFOS Charity fund. Lviv region
«Uniting around local heritage and working from bottom to top: an example of Kryva Luka projects - the tourist village and Tourist  Lyman Region», Yana Sinitsa and Serhiy Orlyk, «Kryva Luka - tourist village» and «Tourist Lyman Region». Donetsk region
  • Successful community-based festivals and performances
«Borschik in a clay pot». Elena Shcherban. Poltava
«To Horodske on a visit: from antiquity to the present». Inna Velichko, Polissiya Hut and the tourist cluster of Horodske village. Zhytomyr region
«Experimental archeology as a mean of expanding historical component of regional tourist routes».  Andriy Petrauskas, Senior researcher, Institute of Archeology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, сandidate of historical sciences, Kyiv; Yuriy Halimonchuk, Chief specialist of the Economic Development Department of Olev City Council. Zhytomyr region
«Trypillya Toloka as a tool for local community development». Vladyslav Chabanyuk, «Trypillya culture». Cherkasy region.
  • Careful use / adaptation of antique objects for business projects or for educational purposes
«House-Workshop», «Insha Osvita» PO. Kyiv.
«Ostroh's Jewish architectural heritage - return from oblivion». Grigory Arshinov, director «Vezha» LLC,  deputy of the Ostroh City Council. Rivne region.
«Revival of cultural heritage in Ukraine's eco-habitats and exchange through the international eco-settlement network».
Andriy Bobrovytsky, ecological construction and renovation expert. Kyiv.
«Yavirnyk tourist shelter: the second life of historic building in the Ukrainian Carpathians».  Alexander Bursanov, project recovery manager. Transcarpathia.
  • Experience in creating new tourism products (services, tours) based on heritage potential
«Carpathian tours», Carpathy Info GO. Lviv.
«Experience in working with heritage in the frame works of Green Way «Honey Circle». Anastasia Drachuk, PR-project manager. Rivne region.
«Architectural heritage of Opanas Slastion and natural landmarks of Piryatin National Park in the development of communities of Poltava region». Olga Lishchenyuk, entrepreneur, volunteer of «School of Lokhvytsky Zemstvo» GO; Elena Proskurnya, Head of recreation and eco-education department of «Piryatinsky» NPP. Poltava region
  • Reincarnation of heritage for development through interpretation
«Vygoda life-style». Oksana Kleban, Head of Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Representative Office of the Union of Rural Green Tourism in Ukraine, сoordinator of Vygoda tourism cluster.
«Heritage economy. Guide for small communities».  Preselling, Oksana Fedorovich, Chairman of the tourist association of Ivano-  Frankivsk.
Duration – up to 10 min. + 5 min. for each presentation.
Participation in the programme is free of charge, but preliminary registration and organizer’s verification are needed 


Contacts and additional information about event: +380677383904, +380507252863, +380675068039