The 27th Ukraine International Travel Market - UITM'2021
5-6 October 2021 • Ukraine, Kyiv, IEC, pavilion 4

Roads of wine and taste

Roads of wine and taste of Ukrainian Bessarabia is a new tourist product of Odessa region

3 October 2019 
Conference-hall 17, pavilion 4

Objective: Presentation of the wine and gastronomic route - Roads of Wine and Taste of Ukrainian Bessarabia, created with support of European Commission Project "Supporting the Geographical Indication System in Ukraine" according to the European requirements for quality of services and safety of gastronomic tourists. Discussion of potential of enogastronomic tours for national tourism.

Moderator: Ivan Liptuga, President of the National Tourism Organization of Ukraine.
  1. Saverio Savio, Project Manager, European Commission Support to Development of geographic indications system of Ukraine (GI Project)
  2. Elena Motuzenko, National Expert of GI project for geographical indications and guaranteed traditional food features on enogastronomic tourism. Presentation of Roads of Wine and Taste of Ukrainian Bessarabia.
  3. Yulia Pitenko, Slow Food Ukraine International Movement Leader.
  4. Federico Mattei, Head of Projects and International Relations at Slow Food International (Italy). SLOW FOOD TRAVEL is an European experience for the development of enogastronomic tourist routes.
  5. Alla Plachkova, National Expert of GI Project of Rural Development, co-owner of Colonist Family Winery. Presentation of propositions for enogastronomic travels of Colonist Family Winery.
  6. Yuriy Shelekhov, Deputy General Director of PTK Shabo LLC. Shabo Wine Culture Center is a unique object of wine tourism.
  7. Yevgeniy Nikolaychuk, National Expert of the GI Project on Geographical Indications. Organization of wine tours in Ukraine: experience and perspectives.
  8. Alexander Palariyev, Head of the agro-ecological and recreational cluster Frumushika - Nova.
  9. Oksana Kuznetsova, General Director of Odessa Tourism Association. Events as a tool to increase sales of enogastronomic tours.
  10. Sergey Rusev, Founder of meat delicatessen production Balkan Yastia. Bolgrad - as a unique enogastronomic destination.
  11. Yegor Stefanovich, Project Manager ZRUCHNO.TRAVEL. Promotion of enogastronomic tourism on the Internet and social networks.
  12. Larisa Tytykalo - owner of the contact goat farm "Brynzarnya" and the guest house "Cuba-far away" village Primorskoe, Rest on the sea in combination with rural green tourism.
Practical part of «B2B»: presentation of enogastronomic tourist offers of Roads of Wine and Taste of Ukrainian Bessarabia for tourist business representatives from producers of unique Ukrainian products and wines.
A wine-tasting master class from Colonist Family Winery, Balkan Yastia, Shedra Okolytsia, enogatronomic "baskets" from the Frumushik-Nova agro-cluster and the contact goat farm Brynzarnia.
Moderator: Valeria Bondarenko, National Expert of the GI Project on Roads of Wine and Taste, director of TO Slavuta.
Representatives of the tourism business are invited!

Accreditation is mandatory