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Google publishes popular search queries of tourists

Travelers in 2018 were interested in travels to Italy on Google the most. This is what Lonely Planet writes about.
Google publishes popular search queries of tourists
Google's online search engine has published the 2018 most popular search queries related to travel and leisure. In a passing year, tourists often tried to get on the Internet useful information about trips to Italy. According to experts of the company, the leadership is due to the rich history of the country, famous cuisine and, of course, wine.
Great popularity among tourists also had the request "trip to Paris". The French capital is one of the most popular places in the world for travelers from all over the world due to its romantic atmosphere, cultural component and exquisite cuisine. In addition, a burst of requests were about its urban areas, known for their craft beer and street art.
The Top-3 hit a tourist request "Trip to Iceland". For many years this northern country has a reputation of trendy tourist destination. And the island's popularity grows year by year. By the way, a number of airlines offer convenient and convenient transit stops in Reykjavik. Therefore, travelers can combine trips to Iceland with a visit to other countries.
Also, tourists in 2018 willingly googled tours to the Bahamas. Here travelers are guaranteed the sun at any time of the year. In addition, 700 islands of this Caribbean country are attractive for diving, adventure tourism and even swim with pigs at the famous Pig Beach. Ireland closesTop-5 of queries in Google. This country tempts travelers with stunning landscapes, trendy bars, historic neighborhoods of Dublin, wilds of the west coast and friendliness of the locals.