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Charter flights to Antalya and Sharm el-Sheikh are launched from Poltava

In the summer season of 2019, long charter chains start through Poltava in Sharm el-Sheikh and Antaly.
Charter flights to Antalya and Sharm el-Sheikh are launched from Poltava
The region will be connected with the resorts with two weekly flights, the air carrier - Sky Up, the charterer of flights - Join UP! The cost of tours in Sharm el-Sheikh starts from 14 thousand UAH for two (seven nights, HB food), Antalya - from 10 thousand UAH for two (also seven nights and NF food). Press centre of Join UP! specifies that the tour operator signed a memorandum on the establishment of cooperation in the field of international tourism with the Poltava regional state administration and the airport "Poltava". The first departure in Sharm el-Sheikh is scheduled for March 26, in Antalya - on May 2, flights will be performed on Boeing-737 boards with a volume of 139 to 189 seats. According to the CEO Join UP! Dmitry Serokhov, sales on the announced routes are good, in particular, the first flight from Poltava to Sharm el-Sheikh has already been more than 60% booked.
And what do they think about such plans in retail companies? Thoughts, as is usually in such case, are different. Director of Poltava Travel Agency Lilia Ostapchenko already states that there are bookings in Egypt with departures from her city - according to her observations. Demand is defined by possibility of direct flight from Poltava and also the more attractive cost of tours compared with similar offers with departures from Kiev, Kharkiv and the Dnipro. Moreover, there is a reservation not only from Poltava, but also from such cities as Kremenchug. Other agencies note that the prospect of flights from Poltava, of course, is quite attractive for tourists: earlier charter flights from this city were not launched. Tourists had to fly out from Kyiv or from Kharkov. Especially since the Poltava airport is relatively close to the city and today is in excellent condition. Some of the travel agents have already visited there, to personally see this.
At the same time, some travel agencies prefer to take a wait-and-see position, reminding that an attempt to launch a charter from Poltava has already been. But in the end the announced charter program in Antalya never happened. "Therefore, in my opinion, it will be more correct to wait for the start of flights," says Igor Nekrasov, head of the "Shop of Last-minute trips" stores-chain in Kremenchug and Gorynshni Plavni.